Study confirms ‘fake news’ charge

WASHINGTON (Rooters agency) – Independent research has confirmed that US media are printing or broadcasting a large amount of fake news about the administration of President Ronald Dump.

The President recently declared that “90% of media coverage of my administration is negative”. This has been confirmed by a study undertaken by the News Research Center, which found that 91% of coverage of the administration is negative.

Commenting on the study, Rich News of the NRC pointed out, “This means that 9-10% of reporting on the Dump administration is favorable, or at least not critical. So about one-tenth of the political coverage Americans consume is pure bullshit.”

The actual percentage of fake news could be even higher than indicated in the research, News explained, because the NRC study had not included Pox News. “If we had included Pox, that would have raised the national average of fake news from 9% to well over half.

However, in our media studies we normally place Pox, not in news, but in fantasy and science fiction.”

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