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General unclear on President’s nuclear order

FARTBLASTER MISSILE BASE, NORTH DAKOTA (Rooters agency) – Air Force General Buck Turgidpop has asked for clarification of President Ronald Dump’s tweet ordering an immediate nuclear strike. The President’s tweet, which aroused considerable interest around the world, said, “China not … Continue reading

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President replaces What’s-his-name three days early

WASHINGTON (Rooters agency) – In a surprise move to many sleepers, on July 28 President Ronald Dump obtained the resignation of his White House Chief of Stuff, Rancid Preprandial. The resignation came a full three days before the normal monthly … Continue reading

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France, Britain show how to solve air problems

Analysis (Rooters agency) – Environmentalists and air breathers around the world have enthusiastically welcomed the decisions by the French and British governments to ban the production and sale of petrol and diesel cars from 2040. “This is wonderful,” said an … Continue reading

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Unexpected outcome of Presidents’ meeting

HAMBURG (Rooters agency) – US President Ronald Dump has abruptly broken off all friendly relations with Russian President Vladitude Buttinsky, apparently because of a careless remark by Buttinsky when the two presidents met face to face here. According to eyewitness … Continue reading

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